The Genesis Group NW

Types of Services Provided:

  • Special Event Staff / Expo's
  • Fair's, Carnivals, Sporting Venues
  • Dance Conventions (we do over 100 events each year)
  • On site patrol services
  • Undercover Operations
  • Money / Jewelry Transports
  • Labor Dispute / Strike Force
  • Disaster Response
  • Movies / Film / Media Production
  • Executive Protection / Celebrity Escort / Transportation

Uniformed Guard Services:

We can provide a wide range of uniformed guard services for special events, site patrol or high threat environments.  Our Officers are guaranteed to be trained better than the industry standard.  Our recruitment and assignment of personnel is superior to our competition.  While most other companies average a 100% - 300% turnover rate annually, ours is generally in the 5% - 10% range. 

Client-Friendly Selection:

Unlike most contract security firms, we carefully select each Officer for their assignment based on their skill sets and appropriateness for what our clients are looking for, not on a revolving door of new hires.  Our Officers are not just warm bodies.  They are respected and they are professional.  We know that not every employee is a perfect fit for each assignment.  We strive to pair the right personnel to the right assignment. For a soft, family-friendly look and demeanor or a strong crime deterrent, we either have the staff or use our recruiting expertise to find them.